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Qualities of the Unified Field of Consciousness

Here are some of the qualities of the “ocean”, the universal field of consciousness at the source of our thoughts that we directly experience when we transcend. These qualities are more and more enlivened in our daily life with regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

1. Life, self-awareness, intelligence and creativity  

Logic tells us that no matter how many dead things you put together, they will not create life, but a living creature can however create material things with his creativity and intelligence.

According to current thinking, life is created by various material processes. According to this new position, life lies at the basis of all material processes. Logic tells us that no matter how many dead things you put together, they will not create life, but a living creature can however create material things with his creativity and intelligence, like a sculptor who creates a statue. The field at the base of the creation, which today is described as the Unified Field by physics, is a field of self-consciousness, infinite creativity and intelligence. These qualities are reflected through the human nervous system, so that we have the qualities of self-awareness, creativity and intelligence.

If we contact this source of life through the Transcendental Meditation technique, we become livelier. TM is the most successful method ever researched to improve health, intelligence, creativity and self-awareness because those qualities just grow spontaneously as we are going to experience the source directly. TM practitioners also become significantly younger the longer they practice the technique.

2. Connectedness

A robot can’t feel a connection with his environment. Man does, because we are effectively connected with each other at the source of our consciousness

At the level of the ocean, everything is connected to each other. This is the reality of fields. If one transmits a radio signal at a given point, then this radio signal can be received at each point around it, and even at all points at the same time, because each point is connected to all other points.

We experience that connection with each other when we talk about love. Love is a feeling of connectedness. Generally we experience this connectedness most strongly with people with whom we are effectively connected in daily life: family, friends, relations, but sometimes that sense of connectedness goes much further. Why do we sometimes send money to help people in a natural disaster on the other side of the world? A robot would never do this. We have absolutely no contact with these people, and yet we feel connected to them somehow.

If this quality of connectedness, grows we feel more solidarity and more love in our direct relationships, for others and in our relationship with Nature. This growing sense eventually leads to a sense of oneness with everything and everyone. As these qualities grow, it becomes harder and harder to still hurt fellow human beings (or nature ), because it feels like hurting yourself. It feels as dumb as using a hammer to hit you own fingers. A world of violence, corruption and pollution would simply be virtually impossible if everyone would regularly have this experience.

The great teachers throughout the centuries talked about unconditional love (and also demonstrated this themselves) . Transcendental Meditation fulfills this teaching in a very practical way. Unconditional love comes automatically with a growing sense of belonging and unity.

The experience of this field where everything is interconnected has an effect on the brain that can be measured accurately.

The experience of this level where everything is interconnected has an effect on the brain that can be accurately measured these days by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and electroencephalogram (EEG). The different parts of the brain will function more in unity, they become literally more connected with each other, which has a measurable effect on intelligence. This is why with TM, we can measure a growth in intelligence and creativity that is considered virtually impossible  (see brains).

3 The pure good, happiness

On the everyday level of life, we speak of contradictions. Any quality is defined in relation to its opposite: hot-cold, love-hate, happiness-sadness. As long as the mind functions only at this level, it is carried away by external circumstances. If those circumstances are right, we feel good, if they are not right, we feel bad. At the level of the ocean, the unified field, one speaks of unity. There, all contradictions disappear and only one quality remains. Ancient Vedic texts described this as “pure good”, a purely positive quality. Plato also spoke of “the good”. The pure good is generally a quality used to describe the “divine”.

At this level, there is only the pure good, what we experience as growth, peace and internal happiness

It’s this pure positive quality that makes everything in life grow and evolve. Even though this growth passes through several cycles (rest and activity, life and death, etc ), the final result is always growth. Life and growth go together. This is why it is natural to always want more and better. The mind knows that stagnation and life don’t go together.

We experience this quality of pure positivity as bliss. The mind is always looking for happiness in whatever we do, because this is its true nature. But by always being focused outward, and by trying to find happiness in external circumstances, we cut ourselves off from an infinite reservoir of happiness within us. However, if we give the mind a chance to regularly experience its true nature, then this quality of bliss will grow in daily life as well, until we reach a state where we feel inner happiness, independent of the external circumstances, 24/7. This is a state of true inner freedom. This is the real potential of a life with a human nervous system.

A state where all opposites merge into unity is also a state of perfect inner peace. Conflicts come from opposites. When they disappear, so does every conflict.

You can’t fight the darkness, you can only turn on the light

If everyone would experience this state frequently there is no reason why there should be anything negative in our society. This may sound utopian, but ultimately negative is just a lack of positive, dark only a lack of light. The reason why it may sometimes seem quite dark is because we have forgotten how to turn on the light. We have forgotten how to enliven the positive, how we can go back to the source of all positive. Maharishi always said “you can not fight the darkness, you can only bring the light.”And as we light the light in ourselves, we also enlighten the environment around us, as shown by the research mentioned on this site.

4. Omniscient

Everyone has already experienced that sometimes there’s a level where we know a lot more than our superficial, conscious mind.

At the level of the ocean, the level where everything is interconnected, everything is also known. Whenever we get a gut feeling, or be amazed at the “magic ” gifts of some psychic who seems to know things that no one else knows, we get a glimpse of this reality. Everyone has already experienced this in their own way, but because we can not explain it with the current theory about the mind, it is generally dismissed as quackery.

People that begin to experience this reality regularly as they learn the Transcendental Meditation technique, notice changes that go far beyond just a better intuition. They find that they spontaneously get more and more of the right thoughts at the right time. It’s like a cosmic supercomputer knowing all the consequences of all possible thoughts in advance can calculate and then picks out the most positive in line with its purely evolutionary nature. A TM practitioner does not try to get the right ideas at the right time. They just come spontaneously. The result is more success in life, in all areas.

5. Infinite organizing power

If everything is created from this Unified Field, then this means that this field should have an infinite organizing power. The motion of every atom and every event in nature is organized in a very intelligent way, according to certain laws that we call natural laws. This field can create everything from itself and coordinate everything from that level of consciousness, the level of the mind.

Everyone influences the entire cosmos with every thought he has, but usually that influence is so weak that we do not notice the difference in everyday life.

There are thousands of self-help books that talk about the power of thought, and the importance of positive thinking. We create our own reality, so they say. There are even different high quality scientific studies that show that people can influence physical events with the power of their mind. The effect is there, and it is statistically very significant, but it is very small, not enough to really make a practical difference. Given that most of us only use a very small part of our real mental power, we hardly notice the power of our thoughts in daily life. A thought on the most superficial level of the mind is like trying to throw a rock into a lake from a very great distance. One can only have a very small rock and create tiny waves on the water. But if one would come closer to the lake, than one can throw a much larger stone, creating a much stronger effect. It has been noticed in several research studies that an influence from deeper levels of our (sub) consciousness can be much stronger.

People who learn the Transcendental Meditation technique find that their minds get more support from nature. They wish for something, and suddenly it seems so that all circumstances are cooperating to make that wish come true. In religious terms, one could say that it is just as if the ” will of God ” supports the desire. There is an advanced Transcendental Meditation technique, which has the specific purpose to strengthen the power of thought called the TM Sidhi Programme.

6. Invincibility

Maharishi often used the word invincibility to describe the real potential of human life. As all the qualities of the unified field, or ocean, become more and more present in a person, then less and less can bring this person out of balance. Inner happiness becomes invincible: no external event can influence it any more. Self-consciousness becomes invincible: we remain ourselves and nothing can overshadow us. Creativity becomes invincible: we can always find a perfect, creative solution to any problem. In addition, all circumstances will contribute to bring the solution to fulfillment.

People start the Transcendental Meditation technique for different reasons: for health reasons or because they want to feel better or to have self-confidence. All these things do improve, but they are really just side-benefits of what is really happening. If the qualities of the source of life become more enlivened in the mind, then all aspects of life improve, one becomes more and more invincible. When one talks about higher states of consciousness or enlightenment, this is what is meant, a state of invincibility.

We usually describe a “divine” reality with the words ” love, omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence. These are exactly the qualities one enlivens with TM step by step.

When we talk about a divine reality, then we usually describe it with words such as pure love on one hand and omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence on the other hand. These are indeed the qualities of this field on the basis of our individual consciousness. By going to the source of our thoughts, we start experiencing this field as our true inner nature. We can therefore start to say in a more scientific way that we come into contact with something higher, something divine. It is very difficult to explain the spectacular effects of Transcendental Meditation if one looks at the technique as a relaxation technique, but if we understand what it really is, a way to bring us back in touch with our true inner, divine nature, then it starts to sound more logical that we become smarter, younger, healthier, more confident, more loving and more successful. Then it sounds much more logical that an alcoholic or drug addict no longer needs his fix, or that there are 90% fewer cases of cardio-vascular disease. Then it can even begin to sound logical that something is beginning to fundamentally change in the environment.

For clarity, Transcendental Meditation is not a religion, because there is no question of worshiping a deity. Religions are linked to cultures, and each culture has its own way to worship the higher consciousness. But different cultures also have things in common, and these things are described by science. Gravity works equally for people from different religions. It works equally well whether you believe in it or not. Transcendental Meditation is at this level. It works equally well for people from different religions. It works equally well whether you believe in it or not. It is that aspect of every religion that has been lost over time. This is why thousands of TM practitioners of all religions around the world found that TM has brought them closer to their own religion.

Can we really talk about a scientific reality here?

超覺 = 更加放鬆


  1. 一種深度的休息狀態:比一般的放鬆更深層。
  2. 內在的快樂感:壓力荷爾蒙明顯減少,快樂荷爾蒙增加。
  3. 全腦發展:透過腦波儀(EEG)可測量到腦波的頻率達到一致的協調性。


超覺 = 深度休息







cnn story


由於效果如此宏大,CNN還特別在「美國退伍軍人日」(US Veteran’s Day)節目裡加以報導。(觀看 CNN 影片)   本研究再次確認,早在25年前對越戰退伍軍人進行過之研究結果的真確性。








超覺 = 可測量的大腦發展

超覺靜坐不但對健康及整體身心健康有益、可提高自我價值感、促進人際關係,而且還能開發大腦。就連被認為已完全發展的成人大腦,也可繼續得到開發。這麼簡單的內在體驗,是如何以一種被認為是不可能的方式對大腦產生影響(例如:改善注意力不足過動症、成人智力和創造力都提高)的呢?對此我們需要稍加說明。(詳 超覺 = 人類經驗的最高境界 )



超覺基本上是對合一性的體驗。(詳 超覺 = 人類經驗的最高境界 ) 我們可以在大腦中直接測量到此一體驗。在以下的影片中,可看到超覺靜坐練習時,電腦即時顯示的腦電波協調性升至最高的情形。

一個人越能體驗到大腦腦電波的高度協調性,他的大腦便越能充份運用。到最後,即便是在超覺靜坐練習之外的時間,腦電波的高度協調性依舊維持著。較高的腦電波協調性與較高的智商、較高的創造力、更穩定的情緒、更佳的反應力,以及更好的道德推理等能力有關。(詳 超覺 = 開發大腦 )







前往以下這些聯結,您可以獲得更多資料,包括:超覺靜坐是什麼和它如何奏效 以及 如何學習 。不過,第一步是去參加一場免費的介紹講座,進一步深入瞭解。在全球各大城市都有老師定期舉辦免費介紹講座(詳 免費介紹講座的日期和地點 ) 參加介紹講座,便能獲得更詳細的資訊,瞭解超覺靜坐技術是如何奏效的。還有,您可以期待什麼樣的收穫,所有的問題都會獲得解答,有助於您決定是否要展開學習。

姬蒂‧佩芮對兩千五百萬粉絲說:支持 TM






Exceptional results confirmed by exceptional studies

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the health institute of the American government, and the largest medical research institute in the world, has spent over $24 million USD over the last 20 years in support of research on Transcendental Meditation, for one simple reason: It is the only alternative method that works.

A recent randomised, controlled study among 123 patients with very high blood pressure (179/104 mm Hg for example) found a decrease of 10.7/6.4 mm Hg after only 3 months among TM practitioners. The control group received health education information, but showed no decrease.

H37-BP-Meta-AnalysisAnother large-scale comparative study of the NIH, that compared all alternative methods to each other, demonstrated that Transcendental Meditation was the only method that could trigger a significant decrease in blood pressure (p=.0002). Other meditation or relaxation techniques showed no significant effect (click on the graph to enlarge it).

These studies have led to a publication from the American Heart Association recommending TM, as the only effective meditation technique for clinical treatment of high blood pressure.

An effect on blood pressure…with positive side effects

Medication can lower blood pressure, but often comes with all kinds of unpleasant side effects. In TM practitioners the decrease in blood pressure is in many cases similar to or even greater than that achieved through medication, but in itself even is just a side effect of a much deeper change that occurs when one activates the body’s own healing power. Ultimately everything improves simultaneously when we learn to find ourself: all aspects of health, happiness, our brain development, our self-confidence and our relationships with others.

In this video Dr. Oz, the world’s most famous heart surgeon, known to us through the Dr. Oz show on Vitaya, describes the effects of TM on blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and general heart problems.

Transcending = an exceptional deep state of rest

When the mind comes to a full state of rest in a completely natural manner, the body also comes to a very deep state of rest, much deeper than sleep. Scientists are able to objectively confirm this.

sleepThis graph, from a study at Harvard University, shows that during TM practice almost instantly a state of physical relaxation is reached that is much deeper than even the deepest rest during sleep.

It is this state of deep rest that activates the body’s inner power to heal itself.

We all know that relaxation really is “de-tensing”, a state in which the body naturally relaxes its tensions. The body can eliminate the deepest tensions it may have, even traumatic stress, as long as the state of rest is deep enough. This has an instant effect on blood pressure.

Here is a video that will allow you to discover why more and more scientists, teachers, celebrities and government support the TM technique.

How does Transcendental Meditation work?

Real meditation is effortless and pleasant, can be learned by anyone, and offers instant results.

David-Lynch-Russell-BrandWhen one thinks about “meditation”, one usually thinks of the manipulation of the mind to come to a state of inner peace, through a form of concentration (on a sound, a visual point, breathing, or “being in the now”). However, this goes against the spirit’s nature, requires disciplined practice, and is fundamentally ineffective to bring the mind to silence, because the more one attempts to silence the mind, the more the mind is kept active.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught entirely personally by a professionally trained teacher that is able to guide anyone to a state of total silence in a fully natural manner. Once this has been experienced it will be engraved in the memory and the spirit will fully spontaneously return to it, in a fully natural and effortless manner, on the condition that the correct technique is employed. This technique is explained step by step, 4 days in a row, followed by an extensive programme to ensure the correct practice of it.

How TM works: Learn more

How can such a simple technique have such profound effects on all areas of life? Discover what exactly transcending is, and how it can easily be reached in a simple, effortless manner.

Transcending = Being Yourself
Transcending = Deep relaxation
Transcending = Inner peace and happiness
Transcending = In contact with our true selves

Faster growth of creativity among students

In Taiwan 362 secondary school students were randomly divided into 4 groups, a TM group and 3 control groups. The 3 control groups included: 1) a resting group, 2) a group practicing contemplation meditation, and 3) a group which received no specific attention. After 6 to 12 months the TM group showed a significant improvement in 5 different scales of intellectual capability, including a scale for “whole brain creativity” as compared to the 3 control groups. The difference in growth was so significant and so consistent that the probability of chance was 1 in 1.2 billion p=.0000000008. (what is a p-value?) The TM students also showed a significant decrease in stress symptoms.

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List of competitions won by Maharishi School of Age of Enlightenment

The State of Iowa has the highest average education level in the whole of the U.S. Winning a State Competition against 391 other high school is therefore anything but easy. Nevertheless the Maharishi School has won more than 120 of such competitions over the last 15 years, as well as some national and even global competitions.

Creativity: 56x state championships won in “creative problem solving” competitions, such as Destination ImagiNation and Odyssey of the Mind. (record in Iowa)

World record: 4x Destination ImagiNation wereldfinales won, and more listings in the top 10 than any other school in the world.

Mathematics: 4 years in a row first place in the American High School Math Exam, Iowa

History: 5x Iowa State History Fair, Senior Division won

Science: 10x senior division of the Eastern Iowa or Hawkeye state science fairs won

8x grand champion awards in junior division of the Eastern Iowa Science and Engineering Fair

Electronics: 1x Tech Challenge Iowa in robotics won.

Spelling : 2x Iowa state spelling bee won

Performance and theater: 15x Critic’s Choice State Banner Awards for speech. (record in Iowa)

National Champion: Bravo Cable Channel High School Theater Competition

Arts: 3x in a row National Congressional Art Competition, “An Artistic Discovery,” won (record in Iowa)

Poetry: 1x Iowa Poetry Association’s high school contest won

Writing: 1x Iowa “Young Writer of the Year” award

Chess:1x Iowa Junior Chess Championship

Photography:1x Iowa Educational Media Association won

International champion: Photo Imaging Education

Association competition


Tennis: 16x boys state tennis championships won

1x girls state singles tennis won

Tennis Triple Crown (boys, girls, double) 2 years in a row won (record in Iowa)

Sprint:  800 meter sprinting time boys, record time in Iowa.

Golf: 2x state championship won (team and individual)


Study 24: Higher quality of life in the U.S. (1960-1983)

In 1973 the Transcendental Meditation organisation founded its own university, which purchased a university campus in 1975 from another private education institute in the village of Fairfield in the state of Iowa in the U.S. A community of Yogic Flyers developed around the university, people from all over the U.S. moved to this small village to together practice their TM, TM sidhi programme and Yogic Flying. From early 1980 onwards the group was so large that the influence, combined with the millions of individual TM practitioners, was big enough to reach everyone in the U.S. (1520 Yogic Flyers according to the square root of the 1% formula).

In order to test this, the researchers compiled an index of the Quality of Life comprising several variables that would normally be uncorrelated, and considered whether the TM and Yogic Flying practice had a noticeable influence on the index. The following 12 social variables were incorporated into the index:

  1. Number of crimes
  2. Number of civil court cases
  3. Number of infectious diseases
  4. Number of child deaths
  5. Number of suicides
  6. Number of cigarettes per capita
  7. Alcohol consumption per capita
  8. Gross National Product per capita
  9. Number of patent applications
  10. Number of diplomas issued per capita
  11. Number of divorces
  12. Number of fatal traffic accidents
These numbers each indicate an aspect of the quality of life, security, health, economy, creativity, harmony between people, etc.
It was also predicted that all these 12 factors would be positively influenced by the Maharishi effect, as they all had the same source, the human thought process, which source would also be influenced.
When the index was calculated and plotted out over 23 years, from 1960 to 1983, it looked as follows.
A clear decreasing trend was noticeable until 1975, which then turned back to an increasing one.
Subsequently the researchers calculated a Maharishi-effect index, based on the number of TM practitioners in all of the U.S., creating the effect through the 1% effect, and the group of Yogic Flyers in Fairfield creating the exponential effect. This index, plotted over the quality of life index, looked as follows:

The reversal in the quality of life index appears to coincide with a large increase in the number of TM practitioners in the U.S. But the correlation between the number of Yogic Flyers in Fairfield, responsible for the strong increase in the Maharishi effect index from 1980, and the quality of life index, appeared to be much stronger (p<.0001). From a casual statistic analysis of the numbers, they were able to say with a large degree of certainty that the increase of the Maharishi-effect index was the cause of the increase in the Quality of Life index (p<.0001). According to statistical calculations, increases in the Quality of Life index from 1981 to 1983 could be ascribed to the Maharishi-effect.

When we look at the twelve variables, we get a much better idea of what this significant increase in the quality of life index means. From the 12 variables, 11 showed a significant improvement (only the number of suicides did not improve), and in 7 records were broken.

Crime: From 1981 to 1983 the number of crimes decreased in three consecutive years, something that had never happened before (-0.78% in ’81, -4.3% in ’82, and -7.6% in ’83). This meant 1.300.000 fewer crimes in 1982 and 1983, principally created by the 1600 Yogic Flyers.

Civil court cases: Due to a degree of harmony in the collective conscious, civil suits were only filed when all other amicable methods to solve conflicts have failed. The number decreased by 7.6 % in 1982 and another 11.5 % in ’83, reaching the lowest number ever reported.

Infectious diseases: Decreased by 4.23% in ’82 and by 7.02 % in ‘83 (strongest decrease in 16 years)

Cigarette usage : Decreased by 1.90 % in ’82 and 6.26 % in ’83 (biggest decrease in the 23 years of the study.)

Alcohol usage: Decreased by 3.52 % in ’82 and 2.64 % in ‘83. (second and third largest decreases in 23 years)

Number of diplomas issued: increased slightly (0.31% and 0.98%) after decrease in the previous five years

Divorces: Decreased by 4.46 % in 1982 (a decrease 3 times bigger than the previous record set 21 years earlier) and another 0.18 % in 1983 (the only time that the number of divorces decreased two years in a row)

Fatal accidents: Decreased 10.95 % in 1982 (biggest decrease ever, apart from 1975, when the 55 mph speed limit was introduced in the U.S.). The prominent magazine Motor Trend wrote at the end of 1982:

Everyone loves a mistery, and the sudden 10% drop in 1982 highway fatalities has created a good one. Various sources postulate reasons for the decline…but the fact is, nobody knows why”

The magazine and other car organisations predicted an increase for the subsequent year, but another decrease in the number of car accidents of 4.60% was reported in 1983.

In order to provide an extra argument that the increase in the Quality of Life index from 1981 to 1983 was in fact due to the group of Yogic Flyers in Iowa, the numbers for the U.S. as a whole were compared to the numbers for Iowa. One source of light can illuminate an entire room (or an entire country), but the light will always shine brightest closest to the light source. Accordingly, a stronger improvement was predicted for Iowa than for the U.S. in general, a predicted that was confirmed by the numbers.Ref.Social Science Perspectives Journal, (2 (4), 127-146)

Social effects of Yogic Flying studied.

D20-IncrPositivMidEastConfl-v1During the three-week period of the Taste of Utopia Assembly, compared to the three weeks before, there was a significant increase in positive events associated with the Middle East conflict in Lebanon, as principally seen in the rapid evolution of an agreement on a national security plan. In the three weeks after the Assembly the situation quickly deteriorated. Control data from the previous year showed that the specific time of year of the assembly was not associated with improved conditions in this conflict.Ref.Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme: Collected Papers (Vol. 4, 1989, pp. 2730–2762)

Social effects of Yogic Flying studied.

G7-Decr-Crime-in-Capital-D-v1During periods in which large groups of participants in the TM Sidhi Programme were established, crime totals decreased significantly in the Union Territory of Delhi (India) and in Metro Manila (Philippines).Ref.The Journal of Mind and Behavior  8: 67–104, 1987

Social effects of Yogic Flying studied.

G5-Decr-Violent-Crime_NatlViolent crime in Washington, DC decreased significantly when a large group of participants in the TM Sidhi Programme was established during an eight-week National Demonstration Project. As the size of the group increased, the reduction of violent crime also increased, reaching a 23% reduction by week 8.Ref.Social Indicators Research 47: 153–201, 1999


G3-Decr-Metro-Crime_Mersey英國的默西塞德郡(Merseyside)大都會區發現,當鄰近社區的超覺靜坐悉諦人數達到大都會總人口的百分之一平方根時,犯罪率便會下降。《心理學、犯罪和法律》(Psychology, Crime, and Law) 2: 165–174, 1996

Study social effects TM

G1-Decr-Crime-Rate-in-Citi-v1Cities in which one per cent of the population were instructed in the Transcendental Meditation Programme showed decreased crime rate the following year in contrast to matched control cities.Ref.Journal of Crime and Justice 4: 25–45, 1981

“I call my method meditation, but it is, in fact, a technique of self-exploration; it enables a man to dive into the innermost reaches of his being, in which dwell the essence of life and the source of all wisdom, all creativity, all peace, and all happiness…The word meditation is not new, nor are the benefits of meditation new…But for centuries the technique of meditation of this kind has been forgotten. This is why man suffers, or seems to suffer.”

‎”Man’s life is meant to be a bridge of abundance between divine intelligence and the whole creation. Man’s life is to cultivate and give – cultivate the divine power, the divine intelligence, happiness and abundance, and give it out to all of creation.”

Social effects of Yogic Flying studied.

D22-Israel-QOL-with-controls-v1Improved Quality of Life Controlling for Cultural, Military, and Political Events

This paper reported a follow-up analysis of time series analysis findings previously published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution (1988). The study indicated that during periods in August and September 1983, a significantly large group of TM Sidhi experts in Yogic Flying in Israel produced a significant improvement on multiple indicators of quality of life in Israel, and reduced conflict in Lebanon. The present paper is a response to questions about possible alternative hypotheses in the form of other cultural, military, and political events in Israel and Lebanon during this period. An extensive reanalysis of the original data using time series analysis procedures found that the group practice of the TM and TM Sidhi program continued to be statistically significant in its positive effect on overall quality of life, controlling for all the other hypothesized events. This Maharishi Effect had a stronger influence on the quality of life index than any of the other events (religious holidays, pullout of the Israeli army from Lebanon, weekends, the vacation month of August, hot days (days over the median of maximum daily temperature) and the period following Prime Minister Begin’s resignation).Ref.Journal of Scientific Exploration 23: 193–166, 2009

Field Independence

E10-Incr-Field-IndepenIndividuals randomly assigned to learn Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme displayed a significant increase after three months, in comparison to controls, on measures of field independence, indicating broader comprehension with increasing ability to focus.Ref.Perceptual and Motor Skills 39: 1031–1034, 1974

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Moby’s ervaringen met Transcendente Meditatie

Study 15


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How can a simple meditation technique have such deep effects?

When you think about meditation, you usually think about a form of relaxation, something to bring peace, to get away. However historically, meditation had a very different purpose. On the one hand it was considered a way of finding yourself. According to the wise, “To Know Yourself” was the key to opening all doors to success. On the other hand meditation was seen as a way to contact “something higher”.

Transcendental Meditation is a rediscovery of a meditation technique that goes back thousands of years, and that brings you to the deepest silence within yourself, to pure being, where you discover that we are one with something higher, one with nature. We are normally unable to experience this reality in our daily life, as it is deeply hidden in our subconscious, but we can get there. The Transcendental Meditation technique is based on centuries’ old knowledge that holds that our mind naturally knows how to come “home”, and that the most efficient technique to achieve this is the most natural one.

To that extent, Transcendental Meditation has absolutely nothing to do with what is today considered “meditation”, the manipulation of the mind, usually through a form of concentration, to get to that state of deep inner silence. To the contrary. Maharishi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique, always said that any form of concentration is a major misconception complicating meditation, and blocking the road to our inner nature. Real meditation is entirely effortless, natural, easy to learn for anyone, and offers instant results.

And the results are impressive. If it is true that Transcendental Meditation enables an experience of our higher self, an experience that had been lost for centuries, then it should have effects never seen before. That is exactly what people have discovered over the last 40 years. TM is not only the most scientifically studied meditation technique, but even one of the must studied phenomena in general. Over 350 studies of the highest quality demonstrate that not only does the technique work, but in many cases it works better than any other method ever researched (see * in menu), and that includes not only other meditation techniques, but also modern medicine. From high blood pressure to depression, from alcohol addictions to ADHD, plenty of conditions for which at best the symptoms can be suppressed with all kinds of medication, they improve or spontaneously disappear with the frequent practice of TM.

But that’s only the beginning. Also IQ, creativity, focus, memory, self-confidence and personal development show never before seen growth with TM, regardless of whether the practitioner is 15 or 65 years of age. People that rediscover themselves through this technique become happier, have more success, better relationships with family, friends and colleagues and work, and radiate something that apparently even has a positive influence on those around them.

Browse around and discover the many areas of life that improve with the experience that this simple technique brings. Discover the quality of the scientific research demonstrating many effects that were never seen before, in all areas of life. Read statements from doctors, Hollywood stars, or some of the 5 million people that have already learned this technique. And discover how it can change everything.

And perhaps you will learn something new about yourself. There are certain facts about life that have been kept secret long enough.