How does Transcendental Meditation work?

Real meditation is effortless and pleasant, can be learned by anyone, and offers instant results.

David-Lynch-Russell-BrandWhen one thinks about “meditation”, one usually thinks of the manipulation of the mind to come to a state of inner peace, through a form of concentration (on a sound, a visual point, breathing, or “being in the now”). However, this goes against the spirit’s nature, requires disciplined practice, and is fundamentally ineffective to bring the mind to silence, because the more one attempts to silence the mind, the more the mind is kept active.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught entirely personally by a professionally trained teacher that is able to guide anyone to a state of total silence in a fully natural manner. Once this has been experienced it will be engraved in the memory and the spirit will fully spontaneously return to it, in a fully natural and effortless manner, on the condition that the correct technique is employed. This technique is explained step by step, 4 days in a row, followed by an extensive programme to ensure the correct practice of it.