How can a simple meditation technique have such deep effects?

When you think about meditation, you usually think about a form of relaxation, something to bring peace, to get away. However historically, meditation had a very different purpose. On the one hand it was considered a way of finding yourself. According to the wise, “To Know Yourself” was the key to opening all doors to success. On the other hand meditation was seen as a way to contact “something higher”.

Transcendental Meditation is a rediscovery of a meditation technique that goes back thousands of years, and that brings you to the deepest silence within yourself, to pure being, where you discover that we are one with something higher, one with nature. We are normally unable to experience this reality in our daily life, as it is deeply hidden in our subconscious, but we can get there. The Transcendental Meditation technique is based on centuries’ old knowledge that holds that our mind naturally knows how to come “home”, and that the most efficient technique to achieve this is the most natural one.

To that extent, Transcendental Meditation has absolutely nothing to do with what is today considered “meditation”, the manipulation of the mind, usually through a form of concentration, to get to that state of deep inner silence. To the contrary. Maharishi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation technique, always said that any form of concentration is a major misconception complicating meditation, and blocking the road to our inner nature. Real meditation is entirely effortless, natural, easy to learn for anyone, and offers instant results.

And the results are impressive. If it is true that Transcendental Meditation enables an experience of our higher self, an experience that had been lost for centuries, then it should have effects never seen before. That is exactly what people have discovered over the last 40 years. TM is not only the most scientifically studied meditation technique, but even one of the must studied phenomena in general. Over 350 studies of the highest quality demonstrate that not only does the technique work, but in many cases it works better than any other method ever researched (see * in menu), and that includes not only other meditation techniques, but also modern medicine. From high blood pressure to depression, from alcohol addictions to ADHD, plenty of conditions for which at best the symptoms can be suppressed with all kinds of medication, they improve or spontaneously disappear with the frequent practice of TM.

But that’s only the beginning. Also IQ, creativity, focus, memory, self-confidence and personal development show never before seen growth with TM, regardless of whether the practitioner is 15 or 65 years of age. People that rediscover themselves through this technique become happier, have more success, better relationships with family, friends and colleagues and work, and radiate something that apparently even has a positive influence on those around them.

Browse around and discover the many areas of life that improve with the experience that this simple technique brings. Discover the quality of the scientific research demonstrating many effects that were never seen before, in all areas of life. Read statements from doctors, Hollywood stars, or some of the 5 million people that have already learned this technique. And discover how it can change everything.

And perhaps you will learn something new about yourself. There are certain facts about life that have been kept secret long enough.