Exceptional results confirmed by exceptional studies

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the health institute of the American government, and the largest medical research institute in the world, has spent over $24 million USD over the last 20 years in support of research on Transcendental Meditation, for one simple reason: It is the only alternative method that works.

A recent randomised, controlled study among 123 patients with very high blood pressure (179/104 mm Hg for example) found a decrease of 10.7/6.4 mm Hg after only 3 months among TM practitioners. The control group received health education information, but showed no decrease.

H37-BP-Meta-AnalysisAnother large-scale comparative study of the NIH, that compared all alternative methods to each other, demonstrated that Transcendental Meditation was the only method that could trigger a significant decrease in blood pressure (p=.0002). Other meditation or relaxation techniques showed no significant effect (click on the graph to enlarge it).

These studies have led to a publication from the American Heart Association recommending TM, as the only effective meditation technique for clinical treatment of high blood pressure.