Transcending = an exceptional deep state of rest

When the mind comes to a full state of rest in a completely natural manner, the body also comes to a very deep state of rest, much deeper than sleep. Scientists are able to objectively confirm this.

sleepThis graph, from a study at Harvard University, shows that during TM practice almost instantly a state of physical relaxation is reached that is much deeper than even the deepest rest during sleep.

It is this state of deep rest that activates the body’s inner power to heal itself.

We all know that relaxation really is “de-tensing”, a state in which the body naturally relaxes its tensions. The body can eliminate the deepest tensions it may have, even traumatic stress, as long as the state of rest is deep enough. This has an instant effect on blood pressure.

Here is a video that will allow you to discover why more and more scientists, teachers, celebrities and government support the TM technique.