Study 17: Decrease in crime in Puerto Rico due to Yogic Flying

In 1984 there was an opportunity for an experiment in Puerto Rico. 185 Yogic Flyers, enough to create an influence for all 3.4 million inhabitants of Puerto Rico, were trained at a local Transcendental Meditation academy, and continued to practice their TM, TM sidhi programme and Yogic Flying together from April to July 1984, although in May they only had 80% of the minimum number, and in June 60%. An analysis of crime statistics nevertheless showed a significant decrease in crime numbers for the entire country, starting in April (p<.025), and an increase again starting July (p<.025).Ref.The Journal of Mind and Behavior  8: 67–104, 1987Ref.Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation, Collected Papers Vol. 4, no. 334, pp. 2679-2687